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Welkom bij Tyrone!

Welkom bij Tyrone Guitars - waar passie en vakmanschap samenkomen in de creatie van hoogwaardige gitaren. Onze collectie omvat zowel steelstring- als nylonstringgitaren, met elk instrument met zorg en precisie met de hand gemaakt in Europa.

Bij Tyrone Guitars streven we naar perfectie, en daarom gebruiken we uitsluitend massief hout in onze instrumenten. Dit zorgt niet alleen voor een rijkere en diepere klank, maar garandeert ook duurzaamheid en een uniek karakter voor elke gitaar die we produceren.

Ontdek het vakmanschap en de toewijding achter elke noot met een Tyrone Steelstring of Nylonstring gitaar - jouw partner in muzikale expressie. Welkom in de wereld van Tyrone Guitars, waar de klank van excellentie resoneert.

Craftmanship & knowledge

We work closely with selected European manufacturers to develop and produce instruments that meet our high quality standards. 

To do justice to this, we personally take care of the wood selection for all of our instruments. Furthermore, with our team of professional guitar makers and passionate musicians, we make instrument parts ourselves and arrange the wood composition ourselves for the more exclusive models.

In this way, we combine the craftsmanship of traditional guitar making with the modern manufacturing capabilities of our European manufacturers and their know-how. 

25 november:
Amsterdam Guitar Heaven 

Primeur voor Nederland!
Na de succesvolle release op de GuitarSummit in Mannheim waren wij zaterdag 25 november met een stand aanwezig op de Amsterdam Guitar Heaven en werden onze Tyrone gitaren voor het eerst in Nederland aan het grote publiek getoond.

Andreas Kummert plays Tyrone:
We celebrate the launch of our "Tyrone" guitars after years of working on making them the best instruments we can, using premium hand selected tonewood and the passion and expertise of our friends at the Kremona factory. 
 Thanks Andreas for making our guitars sing with you Special 

Thanks to Sven Peks and his amazing Audiolodge for partnering up in this "One Mic Session".

Every guitar is designed with passion!

About our master luthier

Michael Götz began his professional career as a guitar maker as part of a one-year internship with the German guitar maker Hermann Gräfe, which he completed in his workshop after graduating from high school and doing community service.

This was followed by a 4-year course of study in the field of plucked instrument making/guitar making at the university in Zwickau/Markneukirchen, which he completed in 2000 with an overall grade of very good. As part of his studies, he completed internships in Venezuela and Wales. 
His thesis on “The Cuatro of Venezuela” describes the history and development of this typical Venezuelan national instrument with 4 strings, which closely resembles a large ukulele.

Since 2004, Michael Götz has been running his own workshop in which he builds a wide variety of instruments, trains young, aspiring colleagues and is very extensive and experienced in the area of guitar service. He shares his knowledge with specialist retailers and colleagues in a variety of workshops.

The relationship between Michael Götz and Pro Arte Fine Acoustics began in 2007 and has now lasted 17 years. Since then, Michael has been working part-time as a master guitar maker for Pro Arte.

This close friendship and partnership now results in the development of the various guitar variants, which was provisionally completed under the name Tyrone in autumn 2023 and is now being presented to the general public.

The successful collaboration with the Bulgarian manufacturer Kremona, the German guitar maker Götz and the distributor Pro Arte for over 20 years represents the prerequisite for the successful relationship.

As a manufacturer, Kremona has been building high-quality guitars for the German market for more than two decades. At Tyrone, all the innovations and know-how of the 3 partners involved are expressed.

Michael takes meticulous care of selecting suitable woods, which are often cut, dried and prepared by him himself.

His 25 years of experience as a guitar maker are skilfully used here.

The model development took place exclusively in Germany and several prototypes were built. 

The spruce wood used is moonwood, air-dried and hand-selected and classified. Many of the frames and base wood used have been seasoned for several years and are also air-dried and selected.

Due to an extensive wood warehouse, which is only available to a few guitar makers, we are able to use very individual woods that are used in the special instruments offered. A few examples of this would be: yew, grooved American walnut, grooved American cherry, padauk mastered, kingwood, grooved maple, Lauro Preto and a few other woods.

We are pleased to introduce you to our instruments designed, built and sold here in Europe and look forward to your feedback.

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